PCI Rectifiers

Electro deposition for plating is undertaken by use of direct current (DC) which is energy converted after rectifying alternating current (AC). Generally, all electro chemical depositions use low voltage. PCI Rectifiers are made up of diodes and air or oil cooled variac to control current stepless. All electro-chemical deposits require low ripple content of not more than 5%. Measurement of ripple is best at 50% or lower load output.

PCI Rectifiers are rugged and reliable with a limited ripple content and are easy to service and maintenance. The AC output control panel houses contactor, switch fuse unit either analogue or digital and indicating lamps. The DC control panel houses ammeter, voltmeter and operating switches. The transformer windings and bus bars are made of electrolytic grade copper. PCI Rectifiers are available in 8V, 12V, 16V in combination with 250A, 500A, 750A, 1000A, 1500A, 200A, 2500A.