PCI Process Tanks

  1. PCI Mild Steel Tanks
  2. PCI Stainless Steel Tanks
  3. PCI Polypropelene Tanks


PCI Mild Steel Tanks

PCI manufactures Mild Steel Tanks of 5 mm thick M.S. sheet which is double welded, and then reinforced with proper angles and suitable channels. From inside these tanks are lined with number of linings depending on the nature of the bath. The linings may be of PVC, Lead, Rubber,etc.. For example, a Bright Nickel Bath Tank is lined with four linings i.e. two layers of 2 mm each of Rubber and two layers of 3 mm each of PVC linings. All M.S. tanks are shot blasted and finished with four coats of epoxy primer and epoxy finish paints. Therefore, PCI M.S. Tanks can be seen in perfectly running conditions even after so many years to come which are free from rust or any internal or external damage in any working environment. All MS tanks are provided with thermal insulation of 40 mm thick glass wool covered with 16 gauge M.S. sheet .PCI manufactures M.S. Tanks in various sizes from 500 Lts. to 40,000 Ltrs. Capacity.

PCI Stainless Steel Tanks

Stainless Steel Tanks are manufactured in two grades - SS 304 and SS 316. The thickness of the tank is 5 mm. PCI SS Tanks do not require any lining, as SS is also resistant to many chemical compositions. The tank is Argon welded and homogenous. The exteriors of the tank are buffed to give bright finish.

PCI Polypropelene Tanks

Poly-propelene tanks are manufactured with 15 mm or 20 mm thick pure PP. These tanks do not require any lining since PP itself is resistant to strong acid and alkaline solutions. PP tanks also do not require thermal insulation and exterior painting. It has a very long life.